Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Use this inside your blog :D It is nice

First I like to say that I am not the pro in blogging but I like to share to others what I know. Then I like to learn new things from them, sharing knowledge are good. Today I am going to sharing to all of you this nice tool to use for blogger. Most blogger using this to drive people enter to your blog, this is nice and fun to use, we need to create some picture or sign so people will visit you blog. Then what is the requirement for blog, hmmm…. I thinking there is NO lah, everyone can use it for free of charge. First design your picture or sign in this small size pixel. You can use Adobe Photoshop or the easy one is using paint also enough. Design something unique that can attract someone but do not use something that is not safe for kids..Otherwise you will be rejected.

Then create your account at Entrecard.com. What is entrecard ?

Entrecard is a place that we can register our card, something like business card. Then after that we need their widget inside our blog. This widget is for dropping card, when we visit other blog or website that also has this widget, we can drop card inside their widget. The other things is, we can advertise our card inside their blog.

What make this entrecard is valuable?

In the process of dropping and receiving card we earn POINT. What we can do for this point? Yeah is point is like credit for us to advertising to other blog. We can request for the owner website or blog to display our card then we buy it using that credit. The interesting part is we can turn this credit into money. Nice we can visit entercard and start build our own card.

Next is Spottt.com

This is same like entrecard, but is not using any credit, just build or design your card. Then register with them. Place their widget inside your blog and wait until they approve your site. Huuuu…..!! Nothing happen? Hehe.. Once your site approve, your card will automatically will appear to other blog and their card also appear in your blog. It is something like free ex-change link or auto advertising. Nice it is also free to use. Make sure your site does not have any illegal content or safe for all.

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