Sunday, January 27, 2008

Marriage Reblessing Mass :)

This my new story,

Yesterday on 26 Jan, at HNCT (Holly Nativity Church Terawi) Penampang, Sabah, Malaysia -There is marriage reblessing mass for 30 couples who are take in marriage 25 years above. This mass had been performed by all family members, the Christian Family Life Committee Zon 8 Terawi with Rev Fr. Dr. Peter Abas and including my family too :)

In my place, kadazandusun culture has their unique gong beat, so in this mass music played follow by this gong beat, wow….like remix, (not hip hop ok) but in the unique way. This marriage reblessing mass is to gain solidarity with all family member and church community. Smile, Love and happy time bring joys in family and others.

This my family members
Haha it’s not remarriage with other new woman or man… Just reblessing their marriage for over 25 years above :)

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