Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Big Mango Juice

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Sabah - Visit KDCA to See Kaamatan - Photo

Yesterday, what a boring day and a little bit tension in learning Wordpress, I just sit down in front of my computer. I just not familiar with add and remove some code in order to customize my wordpress css template. When come to evening around 5pm, and then suddenly my second brother inviting me to join them to visit KDCA (Kadazandusun Cultural Association) also know with the other popular name called Hongkod.

Yeah… then I just shut down my computer.. hhehe forget about the Wordpress template, for me it is hard to customize it because I just learn about it. Ok..Ok.. We visit KDCA and of course yesterday I’m not the driver… hehehehe so I'm just relax, actually it is hard to find parking near to this place, because lots of people visit this place from the morning until night.. Here is some photo that I take yesterday,

The big gate entrance to KDCA.

Some of the traditional house

Then suddenly it was raining, wah....Hope.. Rihanna-Umbrella song bring some umbrella to me :D it was raining.. we visit 1 of the traditional house called Lansaran Murut.

After the rain stop, we visit another traditional house but I just don’t remember what the name is. In this traditional house they sell lot of art and handmade item. Nice colorful.

Next is visit agriculture and food industry corner, here we can see some technology that been used in cultivate paddy to make it grow fast.

This is KDCA hall with a big gong in front of the entrance hall.

Then, after that we go home.. yeah.. ohh before that, long time ago in my older post about sompoton, this is giant sompoton outside the entrance gate but made from rock hehehe.. just for decoration.

Ok.. that is the story and photo that we visit KDCA for Kaamatan, actually there is lot of activity inside there but most of them performed in the morning..

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tadau Kaamatan – Pesta Kaamatan – Kaamatan Festival – Harvest Festival

Welcome to Sabah, Land below the Wind yahoo… in this week most of other place in Sabah, already start their Kaamatan. Then what is Kaamatan Festival..? Ahh.. you don’t know… me too heheheh… Ok ok.. From my title post, actually all the word has the same meaning.

What is Kaamatan Festival? In the kadazandusun culture, “Kaamatan” or other word “Magavau” is the special festival or celebration to respect the “Bambazon” also known as paddy spirit. This tradition is always being performed long and long long…….time ago until now days it became a special holiday in Sabah, just to celebrate this Kaamatan Festival. Thanks to Tun Haji Mohd Fuad Stephens or Donald Stephens, was the first Chief Minister of the state of Sabah in Malaysia. Why? He was the man who brings this Kaamatan Festival as a special holiday in Sabah and being approved by Majlis Undangan Kerajaan Koloni since 1960. Yeah… and 31st May. There is lots activity in Sabah like, Sugandoi (Singing Competitions) , Unduk Ngadau (Beauty Contest) , Mipulos (Arm Wrestling) and more.

Well as you know, Kaamatan refers to paddy, harvesting period, which is from the traditional rituals culminating and finally to Kaamatan or Magavau or Harvest Festival. (In Bahasa Pesta Kaamatan) There several rituals stages, Bobohizan or Bobolian (ritual specialist) play an important role in the rituals stage. You can read more about the stages (CLiCK HERE).

Now days, Bobohizan or Bobolian (ritual specialist) are become less, most of the generation already forget about it. This is because of the modern era now become more high level and the religion like Christian and others also playing role. Hehehe… anyway.. in Sabah 30th and 31st May is the holiday for Kaamatan, there is lot of activity. I hope I can go and visit Kaamatan Festival at other place like Hongkod and my friend’s house.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Narnia 2 - The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian

Last night, I have 3 option movies to watch, which are Narnia 2, Iron Man and Indian Jones. I want to see Iron Man ahh…what to do, most of my friends choose Narnia. They already watch Iron Man huhuhu… hope someone can send me Iron Man DVD. Must be original ok.. :D . Hehehe high demand from me :P

Long time ago, this 4 kids, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy come into the Narnia World from the large cupboard but in this Narnia 2, I like how the story begin, from the train they are pulled back in by Susan's magic horn. In Nardia World, Human and animal can talk, tree and water is alive, wahhh…. I love to watch it again… I love that ending the attack when the water turns into something like human wow…. Animation + Magic + Natural + Action = Best Movie.

Hehehe.. Because I love Narnia movie, so I add Narnia to my Blog, so anybody who still don’t know about this Narnia, try this widget everything is inside, movie, picture, and more.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stacy AF6 - Sabah Wins Akademi Fantasia 6

Last night, Yeah….yeah.. Sabahan student, Stacy was the champion of Akademi Fantasia 6 (AF6) in a colorful grand finale at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil here yesterday. Stacy or with her full name Stracie Angie Anam, impressed judges Ning Baizura, Fauziah Datuk Ahmad Daud (Kak OG) and Adlin Aman Ramlie with her moving renditions of Atas Nama Cinta and Aku Stacy.

Stacy won lots of price, that is RM25,000 from Hotlink, a RM139,535 Peugeot 307 XS from Naza Motors, a RM550,000 bungalow at A'Famosa Resort, Malacca, a RM8,000 holiday package to South Africa from MayFirst, a RM10,000 holiday package to New York from Maybelline and a RM1,199 Sony PlayStation from Astro.

Hehehe..I was at my grandmother house last night. My cousin, brother, auntie and all of them love Stacy. It was fun when we all together watch Stacy performance live for a big screen. Of course it was so noisy but it is fun..I feel good hahaha.. Here I take some photo, what we are doing last night. While we are waiting for the result, hmm …so many advertisement ….roast chicken wing become the favorites food.

Here is the photo what we are doing.

Well if you like to watch Stacy in youtube just type "stacy af6" or CLICK HERE

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

How to Make Ice Lemon Tea ?

Busy with your daily life :D need some cold drink like Ice lemon Tea. I can show you on how to make ice lemon tea in one step. Maybe you will not believe, with one step you can get your ice lemon tea.

This is the step how I make my Ice Lemon Tea,


Heheheh actually 2 step.. need to wait until your drink is cold enough hehehe… :D Hope everyone can try at home :)

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My New Bed Sheet - Wake up Late - Winnie the Pooh - Disney

I wake up early this morning, I brush my teeth and have my favorite drink Nescafe but then I take my sleep again.... because of my new bed sheet hehehe :D I like to watch cartoon in the same time I like something that colorful. Introducing my new bed sheet theme “Winnie the Pooh” hehehe.. ahhh “Not suitable for me…?” I don’t care…as long as it is colorful then I like it. :P

This is my new bed sheet..yeahhhh

First I need to open its plastic cover, (click Read More)I need some help hmm must use scissors hehe..

Yes.. first this is Winnie the Pooh mouth with a big smile :D

Ok secondly my pillow la la la…

Finally hehehe Ta...da.... :D My Colorful Bed

Ok enjoy sleeping :D Hehehehe...

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does Bloggerwave really make blogger happy?

This morning I wake at 9.30am..ahhh so late hehe don’t follow this attitude :D Last night I keep trying to get back my own domain name. Lastly I’m blank with no idea..What I’m going to do? My friends tell me about sub domain name but I don’t understand about it. I am going to find it later. How to use it; mmmm…pity of me, really new in this internet hope somebody will teach me.

Eh.. Where is the story for Bloggerwave? ahh I forget hehe..Does Bloggerwave is scam? Does Bloggerwave really make blogger happy? Yes my dear friends. Bloggerwave is not scam, they make blogger happy.. :D In this morning when I check my email inbox, I receive email notification from PayPal told me Bloggerwave make payment. See they really make a payment for my article Look Of The Year.

Click Image To Enlarge

I don’t like to show off , I know that this amount is small. I make this post because someone give and comment for my last post about Bloggerwave Make Blogger Happy. Does Bloggerwave really pay you? Yes, but need to wait 30 days. Happy Blogging Everyone :D

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Monday, May 19, 2008

How to translate different language? I can help you translate text to other different language including all your blog contents

First off all, say thank you to me… hahahah :D no need lah..When I do my reading inside internet, suddenly I was thinking on how to read other blog or website that has different language, so I looking for online dictionary…. mmm not so good for me. This is because I need to translate one by one for each word, so hard ooo like this.

Then I found this, translation website from A to S different country language, why not A to Z? I’m also don’t know why not A to Z but thanks to Google for helping me. This will help me learning more language. I like it because it is fun.:D

What we can do is, visit Google Translate Beta , it will help you translate in Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish. Oooohh that's why not A to Z hehehe..

The best thing in using Google Translate Beta is you can translate all entire contents in your blog to other different langguage. Not only your blog but others blog or website that you wish to read. What you need is just insert your blog or website URL that you wish to read and press translate.

This is the screen shot of my blog when I try to translate into Japanese language. If you wish to try is CLICK HERE.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Cermai - Otaheite gooseberry - Phyllanthus acidus

This is called Otaheite gooseberry (Phyllanthus acidus) also known as Cermai but at my place people always call "Ceramai" ahhhh..the sound is like that hehehe... Maybe it has a different name in others country. Yeah... I want to eat my "Ceramai"...

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Bloggerwave make Blogger Happy

This is good news to all blogger. Now Bloggerwave open a big opportunity for you to make money from your blog. All you need is register or sign-up your blog with Bloggerwave. Starts open your own account with them and send your URL blog. After your blog get approved by them, you can start choose some available jobs that suitable with your blog. Just follow the simple instruction from your jobs and start writing about it. You will get paid via PayPal after your writing has been checks or reviews by them. I love Bloggerwave, you should try it.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heavy Rain + Thunder in Sabah, Internet Connection, Angklung, Rihanna -Umbrella

Now mmm.. It is always raining at my place. This cause me cannot surf internet in 24 hours.. Sometime it makes my internet connection not stable, turn on and off frequently. My cats also feel cold Meow meow.. Thunder also makes me scare and I need to shut down my computer otherwise I need to buy new one hehe… I like to share some of my favorite music instrument, I’m not good in playing or even never try or touch it but I like to hear the sound that coming from this instrument called “Angklung”. Well angklung is a nice bamboo music instrument. It is originally from Indonesia.

It is made with two bamboo tubes attach to with other bamboo frame. Two tubes are tune into octaves (double frequency). When I see from TV, people play it by shakes the instrument from side to another side. How to make "Angklung"? What you need is dry bamboo. Hehehe…of course lol … and the rest you can read from this blog (kharistya) but it is written in Bahasa. Today Angklung are been playing in many countries.

This is video clip I take from Youtube on how "Angklung" play in the of music of Rihana Umbrella.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Tilapia Baby Fish Swim More Fast (-_^)

In my daily days, right now I have been busy to find my way on how to fix my own domain name but I just feel tension….hehehe which one internet hosting that cheap but nice to use ? I don't have lot's of money that why I look at the cheap one hehehe... Then I wake up and take a fresh air outside my house… wwwwaahhhh… I look at my cats, ahh all of them are sleeping zzZZZ. Then I look at my Tilapia baby fish, now they a getting bigger yahoo… Yeah.. Long time ago when I write about it, they size is too small, like a mosquito larva..(Click here for my older post) It is hard to take picture in a close range. This is because mmm when they see you, all of them will run away hehehe… maybe they are scare or somehow but I manage to catch their picture. This is their size right now, look at this picture.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Find Myself inside VerveEarth

VerveEarth is a world map inside internet. Many blog or website that registers with VerveEarth will be put together inside this big world map, so all people or other internet user can find you. Let’s get start with exploring the map.

This is VerveEarth Map

If we want other people especially internet user to discover you, try to register your blog with VerveEarth. It is easy to register all you need is RSS with your blog. What is RSS? You can build you RSS by register with FeedBurner. This video explain the benefit of use RSS.

People will read your content through RSS in this VerveEarth map. You can find me by zoom in the map of Sabah. This is me on this map, click on the circle button.

Register with and add your blog in VerveEarth.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Friday, May 9, 2008

Nice 3D Cartoon To Watch

This nice 3D cartoon hehe....:D click read more to is nice and fun :D.

After enjoy watching this video clip, I think I just use blogspot as my blog :D forget about the the domain. I will find solution for it later. To all my blogroll my friends please change my link inside your blog to

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Today I have a problem with my domain

I don't know why, my own domain name cannot be used. This cause trouble to me. I have to change all my blog setting back to blogspot url. I hate this happen again and again. I remember that when first time a buy this domain from blogger, the same thing happen to me. I think maybe no need to use own domain name. :( Please add my blogspot URL inside your blogroll. If this problem still happen then I just use blogspot as my URL. It cause lots of work to do when something happen. Ahhh....what to..ah? Somebody give me idea how to solve this thing.. :(

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Now I bring music instrument inside my blog. Hehe.. Let’s start with “Sompoton” one of the traditional music instrument in Sabah. Many researchers from west say that “Sompoton” is similar to other instrument from India and Africa but other people also say that “Sompoton” is come from Japan because we also can get this instrument from Japan Country. This is “sompoton”, it is looks like “Bag-Pipe” that created by people from Scotland. The different is how to play, sound effect and the item or ingredient that’s been used to make this instrument.

This is the name of each part of this music instrument. There is “Lombohon” first and second, “Korandabit Atas” and “Korandabit Bawah” which is refer as up and down “Korandabit”. Others four short pipes called “Kombitan”. This entire pipe are tie together using Rattan, also we called it “Rotan” in malay word. All pipes are made from “Sumbiling” one kind of bamboo type that we can get from Ranau to Keningau Sabah area. Lastly, we used “Sopinit” to stick all pipes with a dry empty skin gourd. Anyway.. this is simple “sompoton” and it is much different with other pro and advance instrument.

This is how "Sompoton" sounds look like, but the introduction is using other music instrument called "Bungkau" heheh..the rest is "Sompoton".

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How to cultivate Brinjal ?

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

I just remember where I put my cat’s teeth

This story was happen long time ago, during that day when I was wake up always in 9 am. I just wonder why “Parsi” mouth has a little blood. Then, I look it from far away, actually not so far just behind the door hehe.. “Parsi” cannot take his food and cleaning is body, like it does in everyday. I just feel pity with “Parsi” action so I came closer.

When I look what happen to “Parsi” mouth, it was bleeding then one of his teeth are broke but still hanging in front of his mouth. Maybe that piece of teeth takes some time to drop it by itself but I just can’t see “Parsi” action that uncomfortable, so I decide to help “Parsi” to take out his teeth. Then, using my hand I manage to take “Parsi” teeth out that hanging in front of his mouth. Hehe..In the beginning I just use some tool but it is hard to capture “Parsi” teeth that is small and “Parsi” became scare then what to do I just use my hand.

Now I just remember where I put my cat’s teeth, here is the picture. I add some ruler so we can make some measurement. Getting to know my all cat’s name :D from the older post, “Parsi” is one of them.

Now "Parsi" always look happy as usual and love to play with me

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