Sunday, May 25, 2008

Stacy AF6 - Sabah Wins Akademi Fantasia 6

Last night, Yeah….yeah.. Sabahan student, Stacy was the champion of Akademi Fantasia 6 (AF6) in a colorful grand finale at Stadium Putra in Bukit Jalil here yesterday. Stacy or with her full name Stracie Angie Anam, impressed judges Ning Baizura, Fauziah Datuk Ahmad Daud (Kak OG) and Adlin Aman Ramlie with her moving renditions of Atas Nama Cinta and Aku Stacy.

Stacy won lots of price, that is RM25,000 from Hotlink, a RM139,535 Peugeot 307 XS from Naza Motors, a RM550,000 bungalow at A'Famosa Resort, Malacca, a RM8,000 holiday package to South Africa from MayFirst, a RM10,000 holiday package to New York from Maybelline and a RM1,199 Sony PlayStation from Astro.

Hehehe..I was at my grandmother house last night. My cousin, brother, auntie and all of them love Stacy. It was fun when we all together watch Stacy performance live for a big screen. Of course it was so noisy but it is fun..I feel good hahaha.. Here I take some photo, what we are doing last night. While we are waiting for the result, hmm …so many advertisement ….roast chicken wing become the favorites food.

Here is the photo what we are doing.

Well if you like to watch Stacy in youtube just type "stacy af6" or CLICK HERE


Mariuca said...

Congrats to Stacy! :)

And to Riz. Nubhan did a great job yesterday and Nadia should have been at 4th place at least! ;)

Agent 001 said...

Good Family photos.

E-Tavasi said...

Yes Mariuca, Nadia should at th 4th place at least... :D

Thanks Agent 001 :D i want to take video but it is too dark.

Mike.... said...

ini kayak kontes idol yah..

indo said...

one big happy family...:D

rumah lina said...

Looks like that you & your family had a very good time :) Nice photos

ZaiDi SuhaiMi GilonG said...

Stacy yang hebat..

E-Tavasi said...

Yes mike ini kontes idol ni :) lihat video stacy di youtube ok :D

Thanks indo :D that is my cousin, grandma and the others :)

rumah lina :D yup..that is very good time :)

ZaiDi :D Stacy Memang Hebat :D

StuckS said...

suda kena agak bha tu..
mmng si stacy jua mng tu.
buwahaha :P

Gratcia said...

Waw... serunya, I like the pictures since I don't know abt Stacy (^^,), hmm...yes this is just like a singing festival that we have here... Astaga, ternyata ada dimana-mana, ini seperti wabah flu.. (^_^)

Eniwei, you guys really had a good time there, it's good to see that!


impedius said...

Thank god! Finally a Sabahan wins AF! Wah, the prizes... :-)

BasH said...

Amat stuju dengan keputusan undian, Stacy mmg layak menang..
she's so humble down to earth..
tatap sabah..

E-Tavasi said...

Adeii pandai stuck agak... hehe :D

Thanks gratia.. :D memang ia nya seperti wabak.. Stacy win..

Yes impedius, me also jealous with the price.. but finally Sabahan wins :D

Bash... Tatap Sabah .. :D

shirley said...

i love Stacy.. soooo talented! satisfying results!

.:: AG. SYAM ::. said...

Bravo for Stacy. Can't wait for the album...

E-Tavasi said...

Yes Shirley.. she so talented.. Nadia too..

Wah ag.syam... me too :D

Go go Stacy... :D