Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Big Mango Juice


Lyla said...

juice manggo nya bikin hauuusss....aku mau mas..kirim dong...hehehe..

waliz said... juice is my fav too...need to have it now after seeing ths pic!

StuckS said...

i saw satay's sticks behind the glass..haha

E-Tavasi said...

Slurrppp....ahhh... manggo juice is one of my fav too...sweet + delicious + cold = waahhh.. (^_^)

hhehe laila.. bikin hausss hehehe :D but i don't want to give you, just kidding..

hahaha...waliz faster.. you must get the mango juice..

aduii stuck.. you have a good eyes.. actually i drink this big mango ice and eating that satay..

Agent 001 said...

I like to make mixture of mango juice and milk. I even add honey.



Gratcia said...

Aww....mau mau mau...enaknyaaa.. (^^p)

Life, Here & There said...

aiks, dari Borneo Tribe Cafe ka tu?...hehehe..coz i bought mango juice sana juga...

Bryan J said...

WOW, that looks really good

liza said...

i love mango juice! try mixing some yogurt, it's superb ;)

see yah

betchay said...

i miss mango juice... green or ripe! i love both!

btw, i tagged you... please check my site's 20 Questions Tag :-)

E-Tavasi said...

Wahh agent 001.. i will try mix my mango juice and milk+honey :D

yes Santhosh Kumar A R.. hehehe a big glass but i don't want to share... hehehe

Gratcia... mana boleh... ini saya bunya mango juice heheheh

Life, here & is my manggo.. hehehe it is not from Borneo Tribe.. it is from Tjg. Aru

Yes bryan J.. not only good but delicious.. awww..

Mmmm liza.. i will try next time.. with mix of yourgut... :)

Halloo betchay.. you love mango i heheh don't take my mango juice here hehehe :D thanks for the tag also k :)

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Hendro said...

I like mango juice so much!!!

Mira said...

Omg, this pic made my mouth water, miss mangoes.
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vinkoy said...

huwaw.. bigg juice.. but why it got some spills on the table.. better lick it if I were you.. hehe joke.. just having a drop by.. toink toink..

Miah Laborte said...

hhmmm... looks refreshing.... can I have a sip? lol