Thursday, May 15, 2008

Heavy Rain + Thunder in Sabah, Internet Connection, Angklung, Rihanna -Umbrella

Now mmm.. It is always raining at my place. This cause me cannot surf internet in 24 hours.. Sometime it makes my internet connection not stable, turn on and off frequently. My cats also feel cold Meow meow.. Thunder also makes me scare and I need to shut down my computer otherwise I need to buy new one hehe… I like to share some of my favorite music instrument, I’m not good in playing or even never try or touch it but I like to hear the sound that coming from this instrument called “Angklung”. Well angklung is a nice bamboo music instrument. It is originally from Indonesia.

It is made with two bamboo tubes attach to with other bamboo frame. Two tubes are tune into octaves (double frequency). When I see from TV, people play it by shakes the instrument from side to another side. How to make "Angklung"? What you need is dry bamboo. Hehehe…of course lol … and the rest you can read from this blog (kharistya) but it is written in Bahasa. Today Angklung are been playing in many countries.

This is video clip I take from Youtube on how "Angklung" play in the of music of Rihana Umbrella.


Agent 001 said...

Well do not worry. You hard work will pay you good.
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RMA said...

anlung music very nice..
btw visit my page to see anklung pics..:)

E-Tavasi said...

Hi RMA.. I see already your pic..thanks :D