Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wake up in the morning

I wake up early this morning. I feel so cold, no wonder when I watch outside the window it was rain a little bit. Good morning (^_^) all blogger… I remember some song this morning. Nah..hehe.. This song is for you all. I hope you all enjoy and like it. Let’s sing it together. The song title is Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head from B.J Thomas.


Aice Nice Concepts said...

Happy New year to you too (^_^)
Good morning what a nice song

even when there's raindrops its GOOD MORNING

Raft3r said...

it's hard to get out of bed when it's raining

Faisal Admar said...

i like this song. how i wish i wake up i the morning and do not have to go to work. make a cup of coffee and enjoy the raindrops.

Kumpulan Tips Pilihan said...

Happy new year
I Hope you will be more successfull & more prosperous.

E-Tavasi said...

Happy New Year too Aice hehe Good Morning

Yeah agree Raft3r hehe.. what to do need to wake up

lol your wish granted hehehe just kidding faisal.. go work ..hehe

sam to you tips pilihan :D

Raindrops Keep Falling on my head...lalala hehe