Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So many thing changes

Yesterday when I online again, I try to read and see all message. Good and bad news happen to me. This make me happy, long time ago I remember I play click and read then get paid by them. The way we can find easy money inside internet, hehe… I thought they don’t want to pay because when I reach minimum payout 10USD, they should pay me but then I don’t receive any. After few months then I get payment from them hahaha... No wonder so many people complaint about it. This is payment from into my AlertPay account on 16 August 2008.

And I receive some too from bloggerwave too and greatesreview..hehe for blog contest. The amount is small but make me happy hahaha.. Yeah..Then a little bit sad when my account at entercard have been deleted because I am not open it for long time. Other advertisement account like blogvertiser are suspended huhuhu.. I will try to do it again. Later I will try to do some website review again, this is fun maybe I will do blog walking too like the old time.. I wish I can use my time machine travel back time to change the world.

Bye the way..Hahaha I feel jealous I see others website and blog become so cool and me hehehe not update at all some widget already expire cannot use again. I forget how to use and do it again but i will learn it again.


Aice Nice Concepts said...

its like a wheel sometimes you are up sometimes you are down

-G- said...

(^^,) Hahaaa..I'm glad to read your blog as before (^_^) It's nice to see the 'old-face-blogger-friend' back to blogging, haha.. I lost some blogger friends recently because they just stop blogging (-_-) And surprisingly that broke my heart, strange, lol...just that a friend is a friend is a friend, no matter where you met them, and sharing ideas through writing sometimes make me feel as though I really knew the person in real.

Glad to 'see' you again! And congratulations for the payout, yes it could be frustrating because of the long period of waiting time.

Raft3r said...

hey man
youre back
good for you

E-Tavasi said...

Thank you all Aice, G, raft3r (^_^) i will try to bring this blog alive again.

MedanBlogger said...

Thanks dah berkunjung :D hehehe
ikutan EC juga yah mas