Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yeah walking inside internet again

Meow…meow….that was my cat sound (=^.^=) long time ago I like to write story about my cat but after so long not online my cat have new history too hehe….later lah I will write about my meow-meow. I register back my entrecard just so I can visit and drop some card to other blog to get some credit. Then I am so happy I can register back..yeah..Ta..da.. During my blog walking to some other blog, I see blogger or blogspot have so many thing changes, maybe I should learn to use that link-link beside my own blogroll. I love to read story from G, “Hujan Dedaunan”.. it is nice story and I love it.

When I cross at some old friends blog again, “Hot Shit Here” hmmm…hope he still remember me (-.-), i found some video from youtube.. it was so funny..Haha.. Paris for president.. Try see this video, it was so funny haha.. what it would be if the president is like paris ? Dont Laugh...haha…

Hehe exploring internet is fun. I was looking for friendster layout too but I don’t find any that I like. I just set it default with some background code Haha.. and lot of email not yet check or read. Ohh.. I forget my yuwie too. Huhuhu ..sunddenly I remember lot of thing make me stop thinking this morning. Yeah..yeah cool down keep visit website and need to learn more.

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-G- said... for reading my rumblings.. (^^,)

How are things so far with this internet world??