Thursday, December 11, 2008

My breakfast with my lunch time

I wake up late this morning almost 11 o’clock in this morning. Haha… so lazy for this day (^^,) I feel so hungry no wonder I haven’t eat breakfast. I wake up.. Then I went to my kitchen Hmmm.. what should I eat for this day ? Yes I know… hahaha… ta..da… combination food ..haha

This is my delicious breakfast and for my lunch time… Weeeeee JUST for ME.. 2 packs me goreng indo, 2 omelets and 3 sausages plus cheese inside it. Haha…so simple better than my burger last time.


Faisal Admar said...

huwa! i haven't eaten la. now i feel so hungry when looking at your noodle! btw that is not omelet :P omelet is the one you cook similarly like scramble egg hehe.

eh indo better than maggie ar? hmm hmm... i like the indo free oil hehe.

E-Tavasi said...

Ohh hahah.. i am wrong.. for the omelet name..sorry (^^,)..
idk what is the name for this
telur goreng in this type hahaha..
maybe telur goreng biasa..kekekeke

Darlyn said...

ellow e - tavasi
breakfast is so important.. you suppose to eat your breakfast in the right time:D pls don't skip that...

have a nice day ahead:D

vhing said...

2 in 1....u'll become rich and famous by that.he he he he..U CAN SAVE A LOT ,lol.

NoTy But Nice Zhoe said...

Grrr... hungry hungryy... huhuhu cook for me leh.. hahaha

shimumsy said...

i am hungry right now and i feel like eating the pancit.sarap.

favor lang, please change my url to


[zsazsa] said...

wah sedap nyer :D