Friday, February 8, 2008

Continue..In Chinese New Year

Night before the Chinese New Year, I celebrate CNY party with my friends. Oh yah..
Some how I'm missing the sweet cake making process, (sorry k..) anyway
this how "hinompuka" look like..

and this is called "kinalang" the bigger one.

Right now this "hinompuka" and "kinalang" is cold already need to be reheat again. (Just use steam process). :) We do a family's just a simple celebrate hehehe :) I just receive an Ang Pow from my oldest brother hehe :) This is my Oldest Brother hehehe :) I think i should help him to roast a chiken.

:( Opsss... maybe i am the good cookers.. eheheh)

Somebody... help me...


M. Apip said...

That cake in Indonesia like "dodol" maybe, isn't?

Hello etavasi, I have put your link in my blog, see there

Etavasi said...

Yes something like "dodol" but diffrent in taste, thanks for add my link

Liverpool Papa said...

Adidi... itu chicken wing bah.... sadap juga tu gigit gigit :D

Etavasi said...

:) dui hangus bah tu, ko gigit lah

happyproudmommy said...

haha what's wrong with the chicken? is that chicken wings? lol... have a nice day!