Monday, February 4, 2008

What we are doing before Chinese New Year

Before Chinese celebrate their event called Chinese New Year, some other kadazan also celebrating this day called "Toun Vagu Kampung" but a little bit earlier than Chinese, like one or two days before Chinese new year. What are they doing, commonly they make a special sweet cake called "Hinompuka" and "Kinalang". Nice, simple and delicious cake.

This is how the process begin, find a banana leaf that suitable to make this cake,

Ah again my grandma showing us the her skill

Then, next is the cutting process

Then, we need some help from sun, ok make a call : )

Opps... winds is disturbing, need some help

Ok...this step is complete... but To Be Continued

hehehe :)


~n0n0i~ said...

semangat baca..tiba2 to be continue plak..

saja jak ko mo suruh org balik2 singgah cni aa..
taktik la tu~~



Cher said...

Thanks for the note! I really enjoy the cultural information on your's always nice to learn something new! - Cher