Saturday, February 23, 2008

I love to watch GABAN when i was a child

When i was a child, i love to watch this Gaban movie. Gaban is the Space Police also known as "Polis Angkasa Gaban" or in Japan (宇宙刑事ギャバン Uchū Keiji Gyaban). He is the character from Japan from child program. This Gaban movie episode start to play at 7 pm at TV Asahi, from 5 Mac 1982 and end with 25 Februari 1983. Then Malaysia start to show this movie when i was 7 years old. Haha... I still remember the word of "Baju Gaban....." then he start to transform into Space Cop Gaban. This movie clip has 44 episode.

The real name for this movie Japan Language is Uchuu Keiji Gyaban, which actually refer to France actor Jean Gabin. Jean Gabin love to became police in France film. Then this title change into Space Cop Gaban in English language. In Japan name as "Space Sheriff Gavan". The word Gyaban is translate from the katakana for "Gavan" . "v" is not appear in Japan Language.It is pronounce as
"Giyaban", "Gaban", "Gavin", "Giyariba"


JeanGrey said...

looks like Shaider to me :) I used to watch Shaider when I was a kid :)

BaseGuardian said...

This clip remind me of the old day, when we were a kid all time is a play time, Gaban Z belah 2!!!

papajoneh said...

Alamak.. ni baru Police gaban. Hahaha.