Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buy or Sell Articles on Articles Trade

Here are others opportunity for all writers and especially from Indonesia, we all can earn some income with buy and sell articles service. Indonesia writers should be proud because this is the first and biggest South East Asia Articles Trading company which is located at Makassar, Indonesia. For those writers who have skill in writing article, here is your chance. They are accepting qualified writers from Indonesia and the other countries which are willing to work with them and build their networks together. What is article trade service and how it works to earn money? First, it is free to sign-up and once you get approved you will be assign task from Article Trade Company. In process of selling or buy article, writers do not need to have a blog, website, or journal. All they need are an original review content which assign from their task and send them to admin. All payment is made by using PayPal service. Special case for Indonesia writers, payment also can be made by using Indonesia Bank Account. If you are website owner which are looking and need high quality or buy unique articles, this is one of the companies which provide you good service. No need to worry about topic, we can request or buy articles with any topic and they will provide for you.

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Agent 001 said...

Wow! So I can buy good articles and even sell article. Sounds nice. Selling article could earn me some money.