Monday, February 9, 2009

Party House for 1 month Vince Viarto + 50 years Mom + Chinese New Year

Yesterday on 6th January 2009, all my family, siblings, cousin, aunt and uncle, grandma and others in a big group family join together in one house to celebrate two birthday party event and Chinese New Year 2009. We celebrate birthday party for my mom and for new member in our family Vince Viarto. Thanks God for the blessing for my family and others, my mom now are 50 years old, still healthy and strong to protect and guide family. My mom birthday actually on 10 February but we celebrate it early same as Vince Viarto. By the way, who is Vince Viarto? Ta….da….. He is our new member in family which is just reach 1 month old. He is my older brother son, born on 5th January 2009. I forget to post in blog about this little cute baby when he was born hehe.. It is just simple party with no B.B.Q, no DJ music Katama Sabah Production but we all still feel happy sit together, eating, chat and discuss each other. While the kids busy and running and playing also make noisy hehe… but it’s ok. End of the party, all kids get Angpow Red Packet yeah… weee… including me yeahh… Haha.. I still consider as a small kid haha..

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