Friday, February 27, 2009

Magic, Magician and the reveal

What is magic illusion? Based on the history, the word “magic” is come from the Latin word Magi. Magic illusion is kind of art performance that bring entertainment to audience by creating best illusion. Other people also called it magic tricks. Those people who perform this art are called magician. There are many different magic style effects which are production, vanishing, transformation, restoration, teleportation, escapology, levitation, penetration, prediction and more.

Ini the same time, professional magician need to understand and give commitment to “Magician’s Oath” never reveal the secrets of magic to non-magicians. The original magician's oath was written in some 2,400 years ago by Charlatates, the Greek father of modern magic but now it is been modified to keep up with changing times. Well I think not all magician keep and follow this oath. Some of them use masks and reveal the secret of magic. “The Masked Magician”, this person using FOX Network TV specials to show magic then reveals the magic secret. We know that everybody want to know how he do the magic so by this he become popular to reveal the secret.

I my opinion, everyone know that magic is only illusion trick which apply by magician in art performance so audience can feel entertain fun and enjoys. Magician becomes famous when they perform an incredible magic illusion either on the stage or just at the street. For me “The Masked Magician” and his team magic, only do magic which people already do it and the popularity come when he reveal the secret magic. NO new magic illusion skill created only copy. Even though we know how the trick of illusion magic, we still need to be professional magician to perform it in front of audience.

By the way, I still enjoy watch this magic show it is fun.


Agent 001 said...

I love magic too. I want to learn those tricks myself. But if you know secret of some magic you won't feel excited watching it.

Lyla said...

wow!... can to learn magic illusion :)