Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Internet problem again, too slow

I try to online yesterday but I don’t know why TmNet provide the service too slow. I cannot open lots of website like before. When I try opening my blog or other blog I need to wait almost 10 minute to open it. Then I feel that I just wasting my time sit and waiting for 1 website or blog to full loading so I can read. What happen to internet service? I am tired to keep restart internet modem again and again but still the same problem.

What to do, so I just sitting in front of television to watch TV program from Asto. Then I start watching “Perspektif Kita” which is talk about blog and blogger in Malasyia. In of this topic, they said more about blog in positive and negative impact to development country in Malaysia. From what I see, most of them were talking about using blog in politic. Maybe I am not watching it from the beginning hehe.. I thought they will also talk about making money using blog.

Well next TVIQ channel, now this time I learn about business, money, investment and advertising concept in real market. Then, I try to surf again my internet but I still slow hmmm.. poor service. Then I continue again watch TV, now my favorite Chinese program channel RTM2 hehe.. Wong Fei Hung character plays by Dickey Chung Wai Kin..Yeah one of my favorite celebrity Hehe… now I start forget about the internet problem, hope this day the service will be ok. Anyway, here I like to wish Happy Ash Wednesday to all you.


Abd Essamad said...

Setup again your windows . maybe you got a spyware .:-(

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Agent 001 said...

I hope you get back your normal internet soon.

What is Ash Wednesday?

E-Tavasi said...

wahh spyware.. :( hope i don't get
any spyware but now i think my internet is ok..hehe

Ash Wednesday, Christian religious start fasting in 40 days

agnes said...

It's pretty annoying when a website takes 10 minutes or more to load.