Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why when I open VCD disc in my computer it appear blank disc?

One day, I was sitting in front of my computer learn to play the wonderland online games. I enjoy playing this game and do some super leveling my character. But I feel tired to stay long hour to play. Suddenly my dad calling me from the living room, he was asking how to play VCD disc in computer? (Ohh buy new disc hehe..) I see he just buy new Karaoke Disc and try to play at DVD player and watch it at TV. Well, I get the VCD disc and show my dad the procedure using his computer inside his room.

What happen is, after insert disc hmmm… the disc appears like blank disc and it show no files when I click at My Computer icon then go to drive D. So, I try other easy ways to play VCD disc at computer. Just open Cyberlink DVD software and click “play” button. Ok my mission is complete, now my dad understand how to play VCD or DVD using computer by using Cyberlink DVD software.Yeah..

I came back to my own room, I feel weird with the VCD disc karaoke, because we can play and watch at TV using VCD or DVD player and we can play using Cyberlink DVD in computer but when we try to view file inside disc, it appear with no file. I try adjust my folder option setting, to view all hidden files including system file, we still cannot see file inside disc. Maybe this hidden technique is to prevent pirate to copy the file and sell it back in the market. I discover some useful software, so I like to share some info about the software here, in case one day you really need one of the file inside your favourite VCD or DVD.

Introducing IsoBuster software, nah not Ghost Buster lah…hehe. This software can view almost all hidden file inside of the VCD or CD. Actually this software is build to rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD or a Blu Ray disc (e.g. BD or HD DVD) save important documents, precious pictures or video from the family, and more. You can use all of this software function but you need to pay a little bit money like US$ 49.95 to unlock for PRO functionality.

You can get this software by visit isobuster.com, and start download isobuster from this site. It is free for less function. I am not sure for what minimum requirement computer can support this software but looks like not too heavy to run after install it. I still need to learn more about this software. That’s all for VCD disc that appear blank disc inside your computer.

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Agent 001 said...

It has happened to me as well. Some time a full disc is shown blank when inserted. It's so annoying. IsoBuster software is a nice find but US$ 49.95 is no small price. I will search for any freeware alternative.