Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Felix The Cat

When I child, I love to play Felix The Cat video game. It is just a simple 2D and adventure game. Then I would write about Felix the cat story inside my blog. He is the cat with black in colour and has white eyes. Felix is born from the silent-film era. Then became more success and popular in 1920. Then in this time, Felix the Cat cartoon start playing with the sound

I don’t care who create Felix the Cat. This is because Felix’s origins remain disputed by the Australian cartoonist and film entrepreneur Pat Sullivan and American animator Otto Messmer; they all said that they are who create Felix.

Felix also has comic strips that draw by Messmer. I think Messmer who is creating this Felix. Then, Felix again became more popular with Felix toy and the song called “Felix Kept on Walking” in 1923.

Let's watch Felix The Cat cartoon in 1959,with the title The Magic Bag.I think it is fun for me.

Now days, most people like Felix the Cat. We also can find Felix logo, cup, earring and more about Felix. This is a Felix the Cat official site;

Inside this websit we can also send Felix e-card to others and read some other character inside Felix cartoon. We can buy some Felix stuff at Ebay. I think it is so cute.

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