Monday, March 17, 2008

My dot com is now working :-D

It take 2 days to recover this error, now I will work mostly using my dot com. Thanks everyone who advice me. In that time I feel so tension and angry with this Google, I make lot of complaining letter then I think it is funny, ha ha… Then I do my research, most users also complaint about this kind of 404 errors. Finally I found this website called The Real Blogger Status.

I copy and paste this skill on site to tell others who have the same problem. What we can do when we encountered with this 404 errors. Follow this 3 step

1. Publish the blog back to "".

2. Publish the blog, again, to "". Go to Settings - Publishing, and click on "Switch to: •". (wait for 24 hour)

3. From Settings - Publishing again, click on "Switch to: • Custom Domain", then on "Switch to advanced settings". Again enter your domain for "Your Domain", and again select "Redirect "" to "".

Well so easy method only 3 step to take, then my dot come back to functioning. Nice and simple step. Now I feel happy again.

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