Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fifa Street 3-Impossible Magic Freestyle Tricks

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I like watch this video. They have lot of freestyle tricks. I don't care it is true or not. I just like this video. They have a nice idea in creating this video. Here i will like to share with you all. Fifa Street 3 with Impossible Magic Freestyle Tricks.

Hope you can enjoy watching this video.


coolingstar9 said...

I just watch the video, they are so skillful.
If they can use this trick during world cup, then it will be more fun, the whole world will be very happy seeing this.
This video is really entertaining, the leg kick the ball on the head is so skillful, if not, the head will be dropped.
Etavasal, have a nice day, thanks for your always visit and comment, I will come back again, welcome me?

E-Tavasi said...

Yes, i also like to watch their skill. Then why my name turn into so skillful "Etavasal" :) ???