Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pimp My Ride

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Pimp My Ride is my favorite show in TV. The first time when I see this show, then I cannot wait for another series to play. I like how they turn someone car into a new car with lots of electronic technologies; LCD TV, Mini-Satellite, Mp3 Player, Bigger Data Music Storage, Sub-woofer speaker, and more. They also turn the car follow by the person character. If the girl is rock singer then the entire car item turn into rock theme. Then I search for this Pimp My Ride video at youtube and metacafe but I don’t like it. For me I like to watch from the beginning story. Then, I do my search; yes I find the Pimp My Ride MTV website. Here I can watch the episode that I miss before.

Here is some other Pimp My Ride website that you can visit ;
Pimp My Ride On DVD
Pimp My Ride International
Pimp My Ride Xbox game

Yes I like Pimp My Ride

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