Sunday, March 16, 2008

What happen to my dot com ?

I just by my domain yesterday but, then something was happen.

I also don't know why :-(

Always show this 404 error

Plz anybody dot com help me :) eeee..... I better buy domain with my own hosting..

Sorry.... :( for the broken link


Pangeran Wiguan said...

Maybe your domain name is not active yet.
Where do you bought that domain?

SynClaire said...

Where do you buy your domain?
is it you buy your domain packed with hosting or you pick it separately between hosting and domain?

1. Check your index.html or else, maybe you put your index.html in the wrong place.
2. Contact the hosting place or domain place where you bought it...

Thats all, maybe it can helps...

Pangeran Wiguan said...

Have you re-setup it at blogger setting?

Etavasi said...

Thanks every one my dot com is activate already hope there is no broken link again :)