Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cute ancient flute - Ocarina – Drum Beat – Music – Super Mario Bros – Classic Games

Now day, lots of thousands of people complaining about the same problem of increasing oil price in the country. Then, what we can do? Show our angry on the road…hehehe The answer is “No”. We must understand economic process and support our own country solution regarding for this problem. Hehehe… I am not the person who good in economic subject, so I don’t want to make complain so much. Just think about our own solution, how to manage our life because of this problem now. Other people said change your life style yeah.. but how to change? That is my opinion.

Eh.. Where is the story? Hehehee… I think everybody know about super Mario Bros. Long time ago when I was a kid. This is the classic game that I love to play, Super Mario with his friends Lugi and the Princes hahaha.. until now I love the music or soundtrack. Mario inside the game take the mushroom and become bigger hehehe…. This is Super Mario yeahhhh. Now days in computer or play station this game become 3D view and it is look nice to play and some ability has been added like Mario can fly and more. Nahhh.. nice game right.

What is Ocarina? Ocarina is the cute ancient flute instrument wahhhh… In history, it believe to date back some 12,000 years that is particular importance in Chinese and Mesoamerican cultures. It is like flute instrument, we need to blow so we can hear the sound. Why I said that it is a cute instrument? Take a look for this picture, it have many type design and shape. The sound is very nice. Like the sompoton ? mmm... No

This Image I take from Flickr Photo upload by Origami Potato. Some a made from marble, others is plastic and more.

Here is the cute ancient flute, Ocarina hehehe…play for the Super Mario music. I take this video from youtube, Super Mario with Ocarina. There is lot of music you can play using ocarina not only this, you can watch the video music at there is lot of song there like “Dance to the Music of the Ocarina”, “Sorta Looney”, “Amazing Grace”, “Island Jig”,“Harmony Sweet Potato” and more.

Here is the Super Mario Music using Ocarina

Then suddenly like I cross this Super Mario song playing with the fully set of drum I think so.. Hmm before we watch this another song turn on your speaker loudly hehehe… so we can feel the nice beat drum.. My advice is when watching this video clip.. don’t forget to close your mouth hehehe… just kidding :D but I think this is cool.. Enjoy this playing drum video. Yeah Super Mario hope this can release tension for the oil price problem..


Mike.... said...

mario bross is my fave game too..
dari kecil sampai sekarang masih hobi main mario bross...;D
musiknya pun sering kutiru pake gitar ato piano..hihihi..

Agent 001 said...

Mario Bros, I love it too. Ocarina, cute ancient flute hehehee .Really cute. Nice videos too.

bluecrystaldude said...

Oh I love Mario too.. hehe.. and one of my friend know how to play flute well! I really amazed by him :)

Raft3r said...

super mario rocks!!!
even atari is awesome!

mahendra said...

super mario tak perlu pusing soal minyak, hehehehe....yang penting main terus, tapi blog ku agak berat sekarang dan sedikit lambat, jadi sorrilah kalu agak telat , hehehehe.... salam hangat selalu untuk sabahan !

E-Tavasi said...

Wah mike :D mario is the fav game forever hahaha :D.. bah mike nanti kau record skill main gitar atau piano mu.. publish di blog yah.. :D

Yes agent 001, that is the cute acient flute hehehe..i bring into my blog.. :D

Blue bluecrystaldude.. :D this flute is different :) it is cute flute hehehe...

Ahhh.. mario rocks.. hehehe yes Raft3r..

Yes betul Mahendra.. rehat sebentar.. bermain Mario Bros.. hehehe..yeah.. ok juga blog mu itu.. tidak lambat juga.. loadingnya... Bisa ku dengar music juga

coolingstar9 said...

Super Mario is cute. Hope that the oil price drop, I think this is the repeated history cycle of up and down after certain time.
Have a wonderful life, Etavasi

Faisal Admar said...

I used to love game a lot but since I play Ragnarok I did not play other game anymore, plus... I am so busy with works.

Mario Bros was one of my favorites. I prefer Luigi hehe and I love the one that could change them into squirrel and flying. If not mistaken it was Mario Bros 3

Amy said...

i show this vedio to my daughter and she laughs.. lol*

she love super mario bros. too:)

santo said...

eh mang mkario bagus ya!
kpn2 coba ah!

Joey Ronald John Lee said...

LOL> I Still remember last time my bro main ini game. Tue benda macam playstation tapi old school punya. Masa itu rm0.10 keropok 'mami monster' suda. Sekarang itu keropok harga dia rm0.50 suda hahahaha

E-Tavasi said...

Yes coolingstar9, we need to learn from the history.. heheh super mario
is not cute.. the ocarina is cute

Wahh faisal.. you are the one.. that
still remember that game.. me too :D
yes.. mario bros 3.. heheh.. that one .. mario can fly. I like to play that game hehehe

heheh.. wahh Amy your daughter love mario.. hmmm nice..

ok Santo.. mario memang bagus.. senang lagi mahu play game mario heheh

Wahhh apa kaitan mario dengan keropok.. hehehe... yes i know.
mario still the favorite even the keropok already RM0.50.. hahahaha:D

Sheik said...

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BeverLy's Secret said...

I love Mario!! And you know what, the new Super Mario Galaxy for Wii is super nice~~

I'm addicted to it!