Monday, June 16, 2008

I Think… This will HELP you in your blog (^_^) Visitor Detector, Entrecard

Long time ago I was talk about Entrecard and Spotty. Then I remove my spotty widget. Hmmm why..? Less blogger use that widget, so exchange card is not so good.. even my card is so attractive hehehe… hahaha no lah... ok to get approve by spotty we need to put the that widget on top of the blog… follow their measurement. Also take time to get approve. How to get more traffic using Entrecard ? Here is the answer from my experience.

Don’t only drop card, we need to use some credit to advertise to other blog. The more you advertise, more visitor you can get AND this will increase your price for people who want to advertise on your blog. Then when people see your price is high.. woooww so expensive.. :D then PLUS your attractive card.. Hehehe.. This will bring more people, reader or traffic to visit your blog and then you will be categorizing as POPULAR BLOG.

Advertise your card to other popular blog especially Money Making Blog. Then this will help you, yes Entrecard provide free advertiser to other blog, using your credit. The other skill that I still thinking about is, promoting selling cheap Entrecard credit to other blogger, like 5USD for 10 000 credits. The question that always playing in my head hmmm.. is there are people who willing to buy the entrecard credit from the seller.. because we can earn credit for free.

Tips for fast dropping Entrecard.. How ? The answer is simple.. just open 3 or 4 new tab, above than 3 or 4 we will experience slow loading for that blog or site. Consider too your internet speed. Yeah now start dropping 4 or 3 in one time. See that is easy. Hehehe.. don’t forget drop entrecard too in my blog hehehe :D

During my chat to other blogger using YM (yahoo Messenger), Using computer..yes of course lah hehehe... this is the famous question from them… How to know…. How to see your visitor where there come from ? Here I like to mention, I’m not a pro in blogging but I like to share story and knowledge and love comic.. hehehe.. Ok ..

What you can use is.. grab this widget from This is to see our real visitor or traffic where there come from. Other than that we also can know their country too. Ooo yahh..You also can use this are also good because you can set it private so only you can view your statistic for your blog. Why sitemeter is also good mmmm…again why..? hehehe.. Sitemeter provide good analysis for your blog including the graph and pie chart.. then you can start analysis about your blog.

This is only my opinion, if there is anything wrong.. just drop comment, hope I can answer. Using my computer, I just learn how to blog? We can learn it together. Ohh i forget, for those who like to read for my older post about Entrecard and Spotty. (CLICK HERE)


mahendra said...

aku belum ada tuh, tips baru yang bagus , salam dari Jambi, jangan lupa hehehehe nya....!

Agent 001 said...

Nice tips. It would have been useful to me if I was using Entrecard but simply do not like it at all.

E-Tavasi said...

Iya Mahendra.. :D Entrecard ada sedikit membantu juga dalam traffic blog.. jika di bandingkan dengan Spotty.. harap ini dapat membantu dalam blog juga

Hehe.. Agent 001, it is depend on you :D i think entrecard is nice.. we can find lot's of blog inside there, based on category..

I forget something.. don't just dropping card.. try to read their blog.. it is fun and enjoy.. what i know is.. we will become boring when we just focus on dropping card.. and not read the blog..
(^_^) any idea.. drop comment here

Yusa said...

Ngomong2 bagaimana cara convert ke uang dari entrecard seperti yang mas etavasi pernah tulis itu..? ada caranya ga ya..

Kalo untuk ditukar ke ebook kok sy udh ditukar tapi blm ada link download nya ya..kenapa ya?

E-Tavasi said...

Hi Yusa :D bagaimana convert ke uang dari entrecard hehehe..

"How to convert entrecard credit to real money ?..." Wah make money :D

Long time ago, ada button dalam website entrecard, untuk jual credit.. tp entah kemana hilang nya..

Jadi cara lain ada di sini

1. Personal sell, Kamu boleh promote jualan credit entrecard kamu melalui blog atau forum :D..

2. Melalui eBay

*Maka perlu ada account internet seperti Paypal untuk urusniaga.

Saya tidak pasti kalau ada orang lain yang membeli.. Mungkin Ada :D tapi ada juga mereka yang menjual.. :D

I never try, cause i still learn..
Hope we can learn this skill together :)

Raft3r said...

thanks 4 this helpful tip, man!

Mike.... said...

wah,berhubung aku sudah pake entrecard mari kita saling drop ya,bro..;D

vinkoy said...

it seems that you know more about the web than me.. hehe your suppose to be hailed as The Blog Teacher.. hehe :)

E-Tavasi said...

Hehehe :) i just learn Raft3r :D then share this tips to others

iya Mike.. mari kita drop2 card.. sambil membaca blog :)

hi vinkoy hehe (^_^) i just learn how to blog :D not yet good enough the blog teacher ... :D

coolingstar9 said...

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Have a wonderful life.
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bluecrystaldude said...

I hate when entrecard has problem. Last week, I tried to drop my entrecard, and as always, I open few tabs at the same time.. I could open those blogs, but the all the entrecard boxes don't showed. I refreshed all the tabs and after that, entrecard gave me penalty which means I lost all my EC money! Damn stupid entrecard. They must think I try to drop the same entrecard couples of times..!

E-Tavasi said...

Thanks cooling star :D i will visit to see that award :) sad about that penalty..bluecrystal.. mm drop only 1 blog per day :) that is the rule .. you must remember that :) but i not so sure about refreshing the blog.. can cause penalty..??

Maybe you can try ask Entrecard. I also encounter some problem sometimes they server is down..
i cannot enter the EC website..

santoc said...

thx atas infox,its coool!

Arpan said...

Good Article...ini yang saya cari... thanx

belajar bareng said...

hallo mas bisa tukeran link gak