Monday, June 2, 2008

Big Family Gathering for Kaamatan

Next, after visit Kaamatan at KDCA on Friday, we make a small gathering at my grandmother house to celebrate Kaamatan Day. It was holiday so everybody will come together, eat, and have fun. We always use our grandmother house as a place for us to celebrate or doing any activity, like last time we watch Stacy performance on my last post.

That night is was fun and happy time. Most of them enjoy sing karaoke, laughing together. There is lots of food nyum nyum… The others are watching TV to see live performance from Padang Merdeka Kota Kinabalu,Sabah. Hehehe… because we are not there so we just watch from TV. Here I take some photo to what we are doing that night.

Inside the house, they all watch Kaamatan Festival Day live on TV

Outside the house

Enjoy Karaoke

Ok.. that the story and picture.. :D


Gratcia said...

Invite me invite me...hahaha... you guys are really really having so much fun.. Aww...I miss the time when we were just like that, when everybody was still around.

Nice to see this, thanks for sharing it yah...

Boim Lebon said...

penegn nya kasih comment sih tp begitu ngerti bhs kyk nya ni acara keluarga di rumah nenek..ya...ok...sepertinya semua bersenang2 di acara kaamatan day..nya...

Boim Lebon said...

waduh comment saya sdh masuk belum ya...buat jaga2 sy comment lg aj ya...Kaamatan Day tu acara kumpul2 keluarga besar...ya ..kalau saya kumpul2nya kalau lg ada arisan aja hee

Agent 001 said...

Lovely photos. You enjoyed a lot. I miss you at my blog. I like your comments on my blog. Please do visit me.

BasH said... celebration yg kan lepak ramai2 satu family...

indo said...

Don't forget to invite next time...luv to sing karaoke :D

E-Tavasi said...

Hehehe Gratcia.. next time i will invite you :P

Aduiii Boim Lebon.. ni party biasa2 saja untuk ramai2 bersama cousin dan family terdekat.. hehehe :D

Agent 001 :D you miss me.. ? hehehe

wah best ni Bash.. kalau lepak ramai2 bising2 juga... hehe

wah indo next time i will invite you with gratcia.. :D

Faisal Admar said...

Look like you had a great time with your family and relatives. That is good.

A lot of activities we can do in a gathering like this :)

I cold see a guy wearing Man Utd jersey :P That is cool.

Btw, you singing outside of the house. How was neighbor? Lol.

E-Tavasi said...

Yes faisal admar :D great time bring happy and fun.. so good

Hehehe... He love Man Utd

Don't worry about the neighbor.. because they are invited too :) hehehe

Raft3r said...

family gatherings are always fun
plus there is always alot of food