Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father’s Day + Birthday Party - the Tattoo

On last Saturday, yeah.. again another small happy party to celebrate my cousin birthday and together we celebrate Father’s Day. Hehe… as usually we use our grandmother house to celebrate this party, yes it was fun even there is no karaoke on that day. Before these celebrations begin, we have our rosary prayer lead by my auntie. Then we sing birthday song together for my cousin and modify it turn into Father’s Day song hehehe.. no format for this song. I start on my camera, to capture their picture..wah look at this..start with Father's Day cake

After finish my eating hehehe… I join the kids and the other watch TV, they all watch the Travel and Living channel. It is about tattoo studio.. Here I learn new things about tattoo, from what I see people make tattoo on their body because of some reason. The tattoo design or picture on their body has some memory for them to remember. The other reason is people think it is cool to have tattoo. Tattoo is not just on the human body but it can be everywhere, like chair, skate board or anything.


eriy said...

wah bestnya sambut hari bapa ramai ramai..
happy father's day to bapa bapa semua..jasamu tetap dikenang

BasH said...

hi etavasi, wahh bestnya ada party ya..hikhik..
tattoo...hmmm...chances to get hipertitis desease is high...hikhik

Raft3r said...

you guys love to party!
you should invite one of these days

E-Tavasi said...

Ya eriy... best kan.. selain ada makanan ada juga bising-bising hehehe :D

Heheh memang best Wahh Bash..hipertitis desease from tatoo :) but how..???

Yes.. Raft3r but it is just a small party :) just to celebrate birthday and father's day :D