Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Have you been hack before?

In my daily day, some people love to talk about hack. I just wondering, why some of my friends so proud to when they can hack something, maybe they feel happy because they can do that trick while others is not. This is what they always say, “Senang saja bah tu kasih hack saja dia…” it means that It is easy, just hack them. Hehehe… don’t try to hack my super cooler cpu computer here because it was so easy to stole and runaway.

Before that, what is hack? Some people say that hack is a one who works hard at a boring task. Most of it is about computer including software, email, programming, internet and more. Hehe..from my opinion there a two level of hacker, beginner hacker is who can open something and stealing. Hmmm.. but this sounds like burglar hehehe. What is for high level hacker?

High level hack is the one who try to get all your private data without been notice by you. It is like chipsmore biscuit… No No..Not like that biscuit. When this happen, all your thing will forever gone. Especially things like money or gold inside our real bank or PayPal. Because of this, people are encouraged to create password account that looks unique and only understand by you. Never tell your password to others even your best friends.

If we have some extra time, try to read some e-book about hacker world inside internet. We can also participate in some course or workshop like Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity to learn and understanding more about internet security.

Ohh...yah I forgot about this another hack level, this is the one who try to reach high level hack.. but not so cool.. This was happen to me when someone try to hack me.. Huhu pity of me.. This email not categorized as spam in my email so it is inside my inbox. Why this email is not categorized as spam in my in box? How do i know? :P

I copy this email and paste here in my blog, the question is hehehee… why they need to know my marital status hehehe… try to read this email, Does marital status is important to claim the price.. omg..

from YAHOO LOTTERY yahoopromolottery@yahoo.com
reply-to f_markhills@live.com
to etavasi@gmail.com
date Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 8:18 PMsubject
Congratulation You are a winner
mailed-by sg1.gazduire.ro
Barley House Harold Road
Sutton, Greater London Sm1 4te United Kingdom.


Dear Owner Of This Email Address,


Due to scam mails going around the internet every second, we now made it a point of duty not to allow winners to be deceived by scammers who purportedly use our Organization's name to scam people around the World and this Intervention is a result of numerous scam mails by scammers in the globe that have been abusing the integrity and reputation of Yahoo Beta Lottery Organization, However, In order for the Lottery Organization to protect her image Winners will be paid within 3 working days without any delay from the delay.

We wish to congratulate you over your email success in our computer balloting sweepstakes held on 20th of June 2008. This is a millennium scientific computer game in which email addresses were used. It is a free promotional program aimed at encouraging Internet users; therefore you were not require to buy a ticket to enter for this lottery. Your email has won and has been approved for a lump sum pay out of $950.000Usd. (Nine Hundred and Fifty Thousand United State Dollars).

The reason why this lottery was organized is to thank the numerous public including users and non-users of YAHOO MAIL for the financial benefits THE YAHOO CORPORATION have received as a result of their Patronage this Financial month.

To claim your winning prize you are to contact the appointed agent as soon as possible for the immediate release of your winnings:

Reverend Mark Hills

Email: f_markhills@live.com

Tel: +44 703 590 0619

With the following Particulars.

Security Code: AL/FEB/XX01

Ref: 4758961725
Batch: ALLINC 70564943902/188

Winning no: FGNGB2701/LPR.

Full Name................
Contact Address....................
Telephone Number....................
Marital Status.............................
Date of Birth........................
Cell Phone Number.....................

You must contact the appointed agent with your email Id ,Full Names, Contact Telephone Number via email to process the immediate payment of your prize.

The Validity period of the winnings is 30 working days hence; you are expected to make your claims immediately, any claim not made before this date will be returned to the yahoo authorities.


For security reasons, we advice all winners to keep this information confidential from the public until your claim is processed and your prize released to you.

NB*YAHOO, collects all the E MAIL I D of the people that subscribes to yahoo mail, msn, gmail, hotmail, aol, AltaVista, and others online, among the billions that subscribe to us, only Fifty people will be merge for winnings. We only select fifty people every Month as our winners through electronic balloting System without the winner applying, we are congratulating you for having been one of the lucky people that won for this month.

(Thanks for contributing to our Financial Success)

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Mrs Jane Scott
Yahoo! 2008 Lottery program Manager


Wow..the lucky price is $950.000 usd, I scare to become rich hehehe… How can be my email is so lucky? This is the level that I said just now, they try to be high level hack… hehehe so I just delete this email from my inbox after I make this post.

How to Hack some profile in Friendster.com ?

I hate that people who want to hack friendster.com, why they want to hack someone profile? This is because even if they get the password and change all your profile, in reality or logically hehehe…all the friends inside is not your friends. Ok let says that, You read their message and see their private photo and… You spend lots.... of time to hack just for one profile, does it bring benefit to you. I found lots of video in youtube.com to share how to hack friendster. This is one of them.

What about you my reader? Have you been hack before..? Share some of your story or comment.


Agent 001 said...

Haha Hacking. Well there are two types of hacking one is good and other bad. If you find flaws in softwares and alert the owner about it than it is good. If you use that flaw to steal the software its bad. The bad hacking is referred as cracking.

By the way the above email is spam. I do not know how it ended in you inbox. It sometimes happen that these type of mail pass the spam filters. You should just report about this email or delete it.

bluecrystaldude said...

Not only friendster, myspace also could be hacked easily. Many my friends in both social networking sites were banned after their account being hacked. If I could only hack people profile, I would probably only check their private pictures (evil grin)

Boim Lebon said...

waduh saya agak kurang ngerti soal hack-menghack...ya besok2 kl sy udh paham nanti baca postingan ini lg...tks

vicy said...


r1ooooo said...

There are many type of hackers, white hat hacker, blue hat hacker,grey hat hacker, and black hat hacker. But people who steal your data or hack your account is black hat hacker.

BasH said...

hacking ya...tak pernah buat...macam salah je wat kat orang mcm tu..wahhaahah.. bloggers is not hackers..yerdak..hikhik

santoc said...

pengen jd hacker, tp kemampuan msh cetek!

Anonymous said...

hi etavasi... ini si nokurogia baini... yg chat2 sama ko dulu...

sia hack acc yahoo org baru2... ada banyak sebab lah kenen...

cara hack... surf acc friendster myspace or facebook dorang... kumpul sebanyak mungkin info2...

lepas tu... try jawap hint question yahoo mail... lepas tu kalo success... reset semua acc friendster, myspace dorang sebab password tu kana hantar pi email balik.. then dapat lah kita set password baru ...

cara mo defend diri... hint question mesti yg bagus2 punya... jangan yg terlampau easy kana jawap..

gmail sia rasa kuat sikit...

Anonymous said...

Hi der.Nice post abt hacking.Continue your good work.U have a really nice blog

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Fernando C. Zamora said...

i agree. two forms of hacking -- depends on the intention - one is good and the other one is bad...both so long as not permitted is BAD...for good intention, you can ask the site owner if he is ok for good hacking to know the flaws... for crack hacking, i know that there are evil people on earth. they are happy to destroy other people's sites. but they have their share of misfortunate maybe later and i will wait for that.

Junelle said...


Andrik McVean said...

i don't think yahoo acc can be hacked at this moment...exceptlah you already know the ID and then the security question...

Raft3r said...


thank god i haven't been hacked yet

greetings from Baltimore!!!

Faisal Admar said...

I have been hacked once in Ragnarok Online Game. My items that cost about RM3,000 gone. Since the company Gameflier was using Korea server, they need a police report for further investigation. End up it was my virtual girlfriend and her real boyfriend's guilt. Hard to forgive but still I did. I got all the items back but the feeling to play it anymore just faded away.

Lately, my MSN keep asking me to login again and again because someone else on different computer is using my MSN id? Weird but it happen.

E-Tavasi said...

Yes.. Agent 001, i like to use Gmail because of nice protection :) Hmm.. why this email can pass spam filter.?
Bad and Good hacker.. We still categorized as good hacker when people don't see what are we doing.
heheh ..:D

Yes i forget about myspace hehe Ohhh.. bluecrystaldude, check private photo hehehe... ok.. don't do more than that.. :D and share with me hehehe.... just kidding

Wahh Boim Lebon... buat buat tidak tahu pasal hack-menghack.. tipu ni :P

wow... r1ooooo, why have so many color for hacker..? Ok beware with black hat hacker..

Yes Bash.. memang salah pun, tapi mesti hati-hati, AGREE blogger is not hacker.. :D

Santoc mahu jadi hacker ? hehehe ya ya kemampuan masih sikit lagi.. hehehe

Hallloo nokurogia, sia ingat bah ko tuu.. Wahh hebat ko ahh dapat hack account urang.. high level thinking ohh...tidak apa lah tuu jangan saja ko tukar jadi milik ko ahh.. kesian bah tuu urang lain.. hmm mesti mahu buat lah nie hit question yang tiada2 hehehe... Yes Gmail is better :D

yes Fernando C Zamora, they is lot of crack hacking outside there.. i don't know why there were happy to destroy other people sites or stole othe information.. so pity

Junell, design a good and unique password, hehehe.. yes it is scary
otherwise we also forget our own password.. heheheh

Andrik McVean, they have the ability to hack.. becareful :) but i agree too, i think it is hard to think about others ID and security question.. how can nokurogia can think about it...?

Hehehe... Raft3r what to do.. others love to hack..we need to be careful.. in some email
Greetings from Sabah .. :D

Wahh Ragnarok Online :) i never try to play that Faisal hehe.. pity off me but i want to try too, yeah.. it is sad when the problem happen. Not only item all the mood also gone.. about your MSN , i dont use MSN.. so i don't know about that.. maybe that is because of internet.. or something.. hope it is not been hack :)

StuckS said...

hehe, actually what happened on myspace before this is not that they hack and get into myspace db. But they phised other myspace user :P

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